Grateful for Fernandez Family Law

When Cameron was first recommended to me several years ago my children and I were facing seemingly insurmountable odds. The overwhelming chaos that a bitter divorce with an uncooperative ex created was a constant source of anxiety. It defies reason that I would have found a sense of peace, resolution, and security in an attorney’s office but that was indeed the case. With his rare combination of calming rationale and sharp intellect Cameron managed to sort through the mess of questions, paperwork, and emotional turmoil that I brought to him. With what seemed to be a natural ease Cameron navigated the complicated maze of family court, time and again exceeding my expectations. So unparalleled were his abilities that my ex went through two attorneys before finally representing himself in an unsuccessful attempt to attain Cameron’s remarkable support and custodial results. In addition to the expert management of our legal affairs Cameron was continuously mindful of the emotional well being of my children and offered incomparable advice along the way that helped me to better understand and meet their needs. In a surprisingly short period of time we were able to return to focusing on the important things in life and began to once again make memories worth remembering. Over the years I have periodically returned to his offices for assistance with related issus, always with exceptional and lasting results. I can say without a doubt that Cameron’s representation helped propel us out of chaos and onto a clearly laid path to success. As I look at my children, now preparing for university with joy, optimism, and well rounded perspectives, I cannot help but be thankful for Fernandez Family Law.

Could not ask for more!

Every aspect of my experiences with Kim have been nothing but positive. Kim maintained a steady understanding of an overtly complicated situation and was there to assist me along the way. Communications with her were always easy. Questions asked were promptly answered and voicemails/emails were quickly returned. Kim always made the effort to contact me and reach out to me when there were questions or to give me updates. Rarely did I ever have to schedule a time to talk with her. Kim was well prepared when in court and has done an impressive job representing me when I am unavailable. I highly reccomend Kim for your legal needs.


Excellent Representation

Cameron was attentive in gathering information for our trial, proved to be well-organized and methodical during preparation, and communicated effectively (in a language we could understand) throughout the duration of our custody battle. His consultation and availability always left us with the sense that we were in control, and in following his advice, Cameron meticulously ensured our success.

During a time where fear and dread can cloud one’s personal judgment, you need a guy like this in your corner. He is a consummate professional. Would I recommend Cameron? 110%!

Child Support & Custody Isssues

I have talked to few attorneys on the Central Coast concerning my post divorce Child Support and Custody issues and found that most attorneys don’t know how Family Law works, give you misguided answers and don’t tell you all the facts.

After discussing my current Child Support and Custody case Cameron looked me in the eye and actually listened to my situation and analyzed my options he explained how the law works and offered the best solution for me.

After my consultation he could have done what most other attorneys would do and make into an emotional issue and taken my money. But instead decided not to because it wouldn’t have been in MY best interest.

I am truly shocked and pleased to get a honest reply from an Attorney. If I need a Family Law attorney in the future he will be my first choice!

Searching for one of the best? I selected Cameron M. Fernandez as my family law attorney.

For those of you that are reading these reviews to select a professional family law attorney please consider Cameron as your first and only choice. Why? because like you, I was scared and had no idea where to turn or who to go to. Avvo was a great start. I finally selected Cameron and was rewarded with a professional, knowledgeable, compassionate attorney to represent my interests, even when my emotions blocked rational “what’s best for me” thoughts and actions. In the end I can assure you, YOU want Cameron and his team working for you not against you. Best wishes.


Cameron Fernandez is the hardest working attorney you will ever find

He worked day and night to keep my daughters children in her custody. He found every single community property asset and made sure it was equally divided. In our opinion he is the best family law, child custody attorney in California. He is worth was worth every dollar we paid him. We know he did work many hours and did not even bill us for his time. He is the most ethical and professional attorney we have ever dealt with. We have and will in the future refer all our family and friends to him for their legal needs.


Can’t say enough good things about Cameron Fernandez and staff

If you want to win your case hire Cameron Fernandez! He represented us for a very messy divorce and child custody case and prevailed at every appearance that he made for us.He is the best .


Great representation

Mr. Fernandez has represented me in my child custody case on two separate occasions; in both cases the final result was far better than I had anticipated. His attention to the details of the situation unsurpassed. He was more than helpful and kept me well informed throughout the duration of the case. I would recommend Cameron Fernandez to anyone that is need of family law representation.